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    Shouldering the brand inheritance and building a century year old ZhongHuan;Providing customers with assured products and satisfactory services.

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            Huhhot Zhonghuan Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Huhhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia, China, which is a sole proprietorship limited liability company and established during the period of Huhhot Zhonghuan(Group) Co., Ltd. (Huhhot Machine Tool General Accessory Plant) shutdown and restructuring. With 6 management centers, 9 production lines, 3 production bases and more than 450 employees includes more than 50 engineers and technicians, sound operation system, reasonable manufacturing layout, efficient human resources, Zhonghuan is with great potential for development.

            Founded on March 15 of 2016, and after 5 times industrial and commercial changes, 3 times capital increases and stock enlargement, Zhonghuan increased her registered capital from the initial 5 million yuan to 50 million yuan. We set up limited partnership, construct employee shareholding platform,realize full shareholding, and are officially listed on March 13, 2018 in Inner Mongolia Equity Exchange Center incubation version. In November of 2018, our company was awarded"Industrial Giant" by the Huhhot Municipal people's Government.

            Since the establishment, Zhonghuan has achieved many achievements , such as two qualitative leaps in sales revenue: 12 million yuan to 45 million yuan and 45 million yuan to 100 million yuan; The increase of machine tool accessories output: tens of thousands units to 200,000 units; The growth of market share: we reach more than 30% market share; The growth of export earnings rank: now we are in the forefront of the industry. All what we did are just to retain fire seeds and accumulate power for the revitalization of Huhhot equipment manufacturing industry.

            Zhonghuan inherits and carries forward the rich experience of R & D and production on the Zhonghuan Group’s chucks, and had extended the “protection arm” of products intellectual property rights and registered nine graphic trademarks for protecting hard-work of several generations in brand creation, which are based on our two famous brands of "Zhonghuan" and "Universal".With strong technical force, excellent equipment, advanced technology and perfect testing, we had become the largest chuck research and development center in China, as well as the largest chuck manufacturer in the world.

            Our products cover 3-jaw and 4-jaw manual chucks, power chucks, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, CNC tool changers, special-shaped fixture, which are in 20 types, more than 88 series and about 1,200 sizes .The chuck size is from 50mm to 2,500mm. We are sure to provide the best products and services for customers around the world .

            Approved by ISO 9001:2010 quality management system and with CE safety certification. We won the national top award in machine tool accessory field of China and the 12th Golden Europe Award for Quality. Our products are exported to more than 60 countries and well-known all over the world.

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